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  •   29 Jun 2017   Posted By Xavier P.   84 Favs   0 Comments

    Online Courses for Craft Lovers: Great Gifts That Will Last All Year

    Give the gift of crafting this holiday season with online courses for craft lovers! Online courses for craft lovers are the perfect way to show a crafty person in your life that you care about them and their hobby. Crafters are always looking for ways to improve their skills, try out new crafts and learn new techniques.

  •   12 Jul 2017   Posted By Marguerite R.   61 Favs   0 Comments

    Art Marketing Tips - Launch a Successful Business Selling Your Art or Crafts

    Define your goals and get organized - What are your goals as an artist? Do you hope and dream to one day have your artwork displayed in a museum or do you just want to sell enough of your art to make a good living? Defining your goals is an important first step toward your success as an artist. Realize your long-term goal and then set reasonable and attainable short-term goals.

  •   2 Jul 2017   Posted By Kendra M.   61 Favs   0 Comments

    Cool Home Crafts: Ideas To Brighten Any Home Whilst Saving Money

    Being crafty around your own house will not only spark your creative side, it can also save you money while making your house truly unique. There are a ton of cool home crafts that can make your house into a home. From big DIY projects to small crafted décor accessories, you can craft nearly anything you can imagine.