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Free Art Instruction - Portrait Painting Tips & Techniques

Being able to capture the likeness of a human being on canvas, using paint, is certainly a sought after accomplishment for many new painters. It can also be somewhat challenging. This article will cover some of the more basic portrait painting tips & techniques and help lessen some of the confusion many beginners face.

  • 20 Jul 2017

Why People Now Prefer the Online Fabric Stores

Fashion is something that never ceases to change. It not only gets revised from time to time as old trends keep coming back in changed avatars but new trends also come up regularly - making fashion industry one of the most happening and glamorous place.

  • 13 Jul 2017
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23 Jul 2017
Posted By Deloris S.

Sewing Kit Essentials

When we least expect it, crisis strikes. Here a rip. There a tear. Over yonder a button falls off or a zipper jams. What we need is an essential sewing kit.Your crisis sewing supplies need to be kept in an easily portable and accessible container. There are many options from beautiful sewing baskets available at sewing shops to old shoe boxes or fishing tackle boxes. While it is not essential, it is very convenient for the container to have small compartments, drawers, or partitions.
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